Sunday, 22 May 2011

May Newsletter

Hello all, another update on things going on at the club over the next few weeks.

Monthly Club Handicap - Thursday 26th May - Starts 7:15
This should be taking place as usual.  Bear in mind that the ongoing works in the park continue to disrupt the route. We'll do whatever we can to get around that and hold the handicap as usual.  Get to the club in good time for a 7:15pm start.

Bank Holiday Monday 30th May - BUPA London 10,000m followed by Barbeque
If you are not running, come and support your fellow members competing in the BUPA 10,000m race.  Race starts at 11am, more info here.

In the afternoon  there will be a gathering of club members making the most of the last day of the bank holiday weekend by partaking in our second favourite pastime.  As long as the weather holds up we'll be meeting for some drinks and games on the side of the park next to the White Lodge, and later in the afternoon we'll fire up the barbie in the club garden.  If you've got nothing planned then come and join us.  It's a bring your own type affair, so come armed with your favourite afternoon tipple and no more than a fiver's worth of food which we'll cook up and share around.  Let Rob Pitkethly or Stanley know if you want to come, as they will provide the basics for the barbie and ensure we have a variety of games (of the semi-active, rounders/frisbee variety) to play. If people so desire and have the staying power, the bar will get opened in the evening as well.

Assembly League Race - Thursday 2nd June
After the May race at the O2 we have picked up a little in the points stakes but need as many members out to run as possible if we are to have any attempt at repeating last season's successes - the club is hosting this race so no excuse for not turning up!  The race is currently scheduled for this date but bear in mind there could be a last minute change of plans due to the ongoing disruption in the park - I will make sure members know as soon as possible if plans change.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball 5k and 10k - Sunday 5th June - Helpers Needed
The annual Keep Your Eye on The Ball Run in aid of the Institute of Cancer Research. This race has been run in the park the last few years and the club has always been proud to help out with this event and support the charity that organises it, we'll be supporting this charity by hosting the event.

There are two races, a 10k and a 5k and both race will start very close to one another around 10:30am, a change to previous events.

I'll be there for most of the event but if anyone can help around the event, even for just an hour it would be appreciated - hopefully this would fit in with those of you planning a long run on Sunday. We particularly need assistance with setting out the course and start line and also marshalling out on the course. In previous years there have been one or two goodie bags for those who've helped out - can't make any promises but..  Anyone can help, however new a member you may be - please don't leave it to the same people, it will only require a little of your time. As well as being for good causes, these races help us raise the profile of the club.  Let me know if you can support.

Barts & The London 10k - Sunday 26th June - Helpers also needed
Another race we host and also popular with members who compete is the Barts 10k (formerly London Chest Hospital).  The club has over a 20 year history of support and involvement with this race.  Again, we will be hosting this and will need some helpers, as we do above.  Contact Philippa if you can support.

More info here.

That's it for now, enjoy the good weather, keep hydrated, train hard and get involved :-)

Men's Road & XC Captain

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